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On June 23rd, the British people are asked whether they want their country to leave or stay in the European Union. The Brexitometer gives you a global insight into who has actually won the social media battle.

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120+ politicians, businessmen and leaders influential in the debate

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The Brexitometer Review is out!

Tuesday 21.06


With a couple of days to go until the referendum, it is time to take stock. After 10 weeks of an intense campaign overshadowed by the brutal murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, Brexiteers happen to be the big winners in the battle for influence on social media.


Despite the difficulty in determining how the death Jo Cox will really affect voters’ behaviour, several direct consequences observed on social media seem to give a slight edge to the Remain camp. Among leaders in the Brexit debate, Jeremy Corbyn's voice as Leader of Labour was most clearly heard in the universal mourning following the tragic event. The leader of the opposition published the most widely shared Facebook post about Jo Cox in which he celebrated her memory but did not mention the referendum debate. That post received over 360K engagements. Finally, while it’s difficult to say if they are related, Stronger In has had its two strongest days yet on June 19th-20th in terms of engagements (141K and 123K), when activity resumed following Jo Cox’s murder.

As a general rule, the number of Brexit mentions on Twitter increased as the vote neared. There was an unprecedented peak of 278K mentions on June 15th due to the so called “Brexit flotilla” on the Thames initiated by Nigel Farage.
The economy has been by far the the most discussed theme of the campaign, accounting for 11 of the top 20 most used keywords to discuss the referendum over the past 8 weeks. However, “immigration” is the single most common topic keyword associated with Brexit by Twitter users, with nearly 80K mentions.


Since the very beginning of the campaign, the Brexiteers have been in the lead thanks to a community that is more powerful in terms of audience size and engagement. "Vote Leave" has generated over 4.6 million engagements, which is nearly 3 times the number generated by "Stronger In".


Eurosceptics frontliners are particularly vocal and influential, headed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Over the past 10 weeks, the unofficial leader of the "Leave" camp has overshadowed all other figures in the Brexit debate on social media with over 1.7 million engagements.



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